Crafted for comfort. Worn for freedom.

Born in Cologne in MMXIX.

®WILHELM is a progressive apparel studio focusing on organic essentials that embody comfort, freedom and protection.

The name is derived from 'Willahelm' (Old High German), a composition of 'willo' (will, desire) and 'helm' (protection).

Comfort and freedom crafted by hand.


We use Lyocell (TENCEL™) fibres because of their many benefits; they are soft on the skin, breathable and smooth to the touch, as well as being quick to dry, wrinkle resistant and durable, so perfect for an everyday ®WILHELM essential.

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Product Benefits


Focusing on making our immediate operations more sustainable was not enough for us, so we decided to go one step further.

To increase our positive impact, we support two organisations relevant to our business and supply chain. Find out more below.

We donate 2% of our sales to Canopy Planet.

We donate another 1% of our sales to Hodenkrebs Stiftung e.V..

Canopy Planet

Hodenkrebs Stiftung

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