The ®WILHELM story.



Born in Cologne in MMXIX.

Born out of the need for change.

Born to challenge the market with a sought after but sustainable alternative.


We are a progressive apparel studio focusing on organic essentials that embody protection, comfort and freedom.

We are three friends, Daniel, Johannes and Sam, who together founded ®WILHELM in MMXIX. Frustrated by a lack of relevant options for ourselves and our peers, we saw an opportunity for a more sustainable and contemporary underwear alternative to the long established, mainstream players.

With more than three decades of experience between us across advertising, branding, marketing, product development and sales, the time was right to establish our studio.

Why start with underwear? Worn daily and a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, what better place to start than with underwear? Our aim is to elevate this daily staple into a more valued and durable essential; one that provides comfort and freedom thanks to its design, construction and fabric.


The ®WILHELM Team.

Partner / Marketing


Daniel is an online marketing expert with broad experience in B2B and B2C business serving key global markets. With a focus on online marketing and sales strategy, growth hacking, people and operations management, he has more recently focused on the direct-to-consumer field for German consumer brands.

Passions: people / music / running / cigars


Partner / Sales


With a passion for building and scaling brands and a true “people person”, Johannes’ has extensive experience in sales and marketing, supporting brands from inception through to POS and leading multinational teams.

Passions: wakeboarding / skiing / ice cream



Partner / Creative


Sam is a multi-disciplinary Creative Director, with a passion for understanding human behaviour and translating these insights into impactful campaigns and timeless brands. He has more than a decade of experience leading creative strategies for global brands and startups alike.

Passions: travel / rum / photography





Studio Cologne:

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Studio London:

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