The ®WILHELM magic.




®WILHELM is a Cologne-based studio founded by three friends, connected by their drive to combine their energy and experience and channel it into working together on a new venture. One that is dynamic, versatile, meaningful.

Worn daily and a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, for us it made sense to start with underwear. Our aim is to elevate this daily staple into a more valued and durable essential; one that provides comfort and freedom due to its design, construction and fabric.

Whilst all our products are designed in Cologne, our outlook, inspiration and customer base is global. We design and produce for men everywhere, for those wanting to wear high quality, sustainable undergarments from an emerging brand founded and run by their peers.



The ®WILHELM Ethos.

For us, building a sustainable brand is a non-negotiable, not a nice-to-have. At ®WILHELM, sourcing more sustainable fibres and fabrics, working with small, family run manufacturers, using sustainable packaging and producing high-quality, durable products that last are all fundamental to the way we work and means sustainability is woven across all elements of our brand and business. Whilst we are currently small, we are committed to continuing to build on and evolve our sustainable practices as we grow.