The ® W constant evolution

Since the beginning, environmental and social sustainability has been the essence of ®WILHELM.

Eco Color technology

This eco-responsible technology offers long-lasting color-fastness and design flexibility in textiles. Dope-dyed TENCEL™ Modal fibers provide efficient ecological advantages, substituting the resource intensive conventional dyeing process. This brings significant life cycle savings of water and energy from cradle to finished fabric, for example up to 50% of energy and water savings as well as 60% less carbon footprint, resulting in lower environmental impact, compared to conventionally dyed fabrics.

Eco Pure technology

Eco Pure technology brings totally chlorine-free-bleached TENCEL™ Modal fibers to the textile industry, offering one of the most responsible and cleanest choices within all existing modal fibers. It is applicable to both of the renowned TENCEL™ Modal and TENCEL™ Modal x Micro fibers. Owing to the gentle bleaching process, fibers tend to be softer than conventionally bleached ones. Moreover, the process is more environmentally responsible than conventional bleaching.